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new playlists!

might not be as active here lately, but i'm doing my best! i should be back on more often by 4/25!

going to bed, night

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i'm actually really shit at stories so i'm not gonna tell one but i just wanted to say ilysm sam you are v v cute and rad ok and your sidebar picture of jack is the cutest

i love you nora you are the cutest and thank you thank you thank you

Bed Time Story: Once I walked upstairs and I heard my sister screaming from the bathroom. So I was like, "What the heck is going on in there?" So I went inside the bathroom and I found my sister sitting in the shower, clutching a bottle of conditioner, and sobbing because the bottle was empty and she couldn't get any conditioner out. So I got her a new bottle, and I said, "There's no need to cry about it honey." And then she tried to convince me that the tears was just the "shower water."

god bless your sister 

hi my name is sam too and yesterday i fell of my bed because i was rolling around but thats not a bedtime story its just a story i randomly thought of

oh goodness are you okay fellow sam see we have to stick together

srry for making you cry heres another one: once there was a lil bun. lil bun loved hoppin around. boingyboingyboingy lil bun was cute like ur face

nono it made me cry in a good way but aw lil bun 

shhh its okay shhh thats the only thing i could think of. but heres a real one: once upon a time, samantha was never sad and she was happy. she never had shitty mom's friends or ever had anything bad happen and her eyes were always sparkling and she was smiling at everything and everything was perfect.

this honestly made me cry and im not sure why but thank you so much willow i love you

Once upon a time Jack Barakat sang you a song, tucked you in, then booped your nose and jumped out the window. The end. c:

that’s sweet but my room is on the second floor of my house i hope he’s ok